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Teddy Willy

Teddy Willy

Branch Manager – Surabaya & Batam Office at InCorp Indonesia

With 10 years of experience in business consultancy, Teddy Willy offers expertise in financial and production auditing, sales and marketing, channels and distribution, supply chain management, and human resources for every business sector in Indonesia.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    There are a few things to consider, such as:

    • Prohibit any form of discrimination and provide equal opportunity for Indonesians and expatriates
    • Increase the competence of workers by giving or encouraging job training.
    • Follow the termination procedures (Terminating an employee in Indonesia can be long, tedious, and expensive.
    • Observe working hours, holidays, and overtime regulations
    • Give mandatory employee benefits, including social security and health insurance
    • Withhold only the right amount of income tax on behalf of the employees
    • Follow the wages and other benefits outlined by the law
    • Process work permits for foreign employees

    These are a few things you need to examine while performing an employee background check:

    • Criminal record
    • Educational background, qualifications, and professional certifications
    • Work and employment history
    • Sexual offense record
    • Alcohol and drug tests
    • Credit and financial background

    Under the latest regulations on Halal Product Assurance, the mandatory requirement for halal certification has been expanded to encompass a wide range of consumer products in Indonesia. This change, which was previously voluntary, now dictates that various items must obtain halal certification. Initially, the certification focus has been on food and beverage products, with the deadline for compliance set for October 17, 2024

    As a professional executive search agent, InCorp helps promote job vacancies, screen, and shortlist applicants, conduct pre-interviews, and arrange final interviews with applicants. This can also be topped up with an employee background check.