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Traveling abroad as an Indonesian citizen (WNI) is best done with a pre-obtained overseas visa. While some countries allow Visa On Arrival, applying for an official overseas visa through your embassy or consulate is a wiser step to add certainty to your plans.

InCorp Indonesia can help to secure overseas visas for Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals, simplifying your travel arrangements and ensuring a seamless journey.

Urgent Notice | Due to the Indonesian regulations, we are not able to provide visa services to the following nationals: Afghani, Belarusian, Guinean, Israeli, North Korean, Cameroonian, Liberian, Nigerien, Nigerian, Russian, Somalian, Uzbeks.

Requirements for obtaining a Retirement Visa in Indonesia

Tourist Visa
  • A tourist visa is one of the most common types of overseas visas applied for by Indonesian citizens or foreigners currently residing in Indonesia. This travel visa only accommodates vacation trips, and visiting family domiciled abroad and is not valid for any business activities.
Business Visa
  • You need a business visa intended for those who want to do business or engage in commercial activities such as meetings, conferences, training, and trade shows. Business visa applications are the best option for those needing a work permit in their destination country.
Work Visa
  • A work visa or work permit is required for Indonesian or foreign citizens looking to work in their destination country legally. This document can only be submitted if you secured a sponsor before entering their destination country.

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