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Establishing a company in Indonesia requires careful handling of various licenses to comply with local regulations. These include the Article of Association (AKTA), Deed of Establishment (SK), Company’s Tax ID (NPWP), Domicile Letter, Business License Number (NIB), and other commercial licenses based on business activities (KBLI).

Keeping these documents up to date is crucial to ensure compliance and operational efficiency. InCorp Indonesia offers assistance in updating business documents, saving you time, and optimizing your business operations in Indonesia.

A Complete Business Document Revision Services

A professional business document revision service can help expedite the process When your company changes address or name, it’s important to update all relevant documents. Tax ID mutation is necessary and changing tax offices usually takes two months.

When the company’s directorship changes, it is necessary to revise all business documents. Engaging a document revision service can streamline this process, typically taking about one month. If the changes are limited to shareholders and commissioners, the adjustments can be completed in around three weeks by updating the Article of Association (AKTA) and Deed of Establishment (SK).

When there are changes in business activities, revisions to the business documents must be made. These modifications are required when your company is involved in tenders and projects. It’s important to note that certain business activities require specific commercial licenses to operate your company effectively.

We make the necessary adjustments when your company joins tenders or changes business activities that require a specific minimum capital. For Local PT adjustments, such as when hiring a foreigner, we ensure compliance by adding a minimum paid-up capital of IDR 1.1 billion for expatriates. Keeping your business documents up to date is crucial for maintaining operations and identity. Updated business documents must also be presented for government-mandated changes to systems and regulations.

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