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You’ll need a retirement visa if you’re 55 or older and dreaming of retiring in Indonesia. This special visa allows you to stay in the country for an extended period, allowing you to explore and enjoy everything Indonesia offers.

Requirements for obtaining a Retirement Visa in Indonesia

No Work or Income Generation
  • A retirement visa does not allow for work or income generation within Indonesia.
Financial Requirements
  • Applicants must provide evidence of a deposit or pension account with a minimum of USD 2,000 in annual funds, supported by three months of bank statements.
Residence & Insurance Coverage
  • Obtaining life and health insurance coverage is crucial for a retirement visa.
  • Securing a residence lease for a minimum of 12 months is essential.
Limited Eligibility
  • Retirement visas in Indonesia are currently available exclusively to citizens from 60 select countries.

Urgent Notice | Due to the Indonesian regulations, we are not able to provide visa services to the following nationals: Afghani, Belarusian, Guinean, Israeli, North Korean, Cameroonian, Liberian, Nigerien, Nigerian, Russian, Somalian, Uzbeks.

Understanding The Different Types of Visas in Indonesia

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