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An environmental permit is vital for businesses impacting the environment. To get this permit in Indonesia, a waste and pollutant control plan involving trained officers is crucial.

This plan is documented in the Environment Management Plan-Environment Monitoring Plan (RKL-RPL), a significant part of AMDAL preparation per PP No. 22 of 2021. RKL manages environmental impacts from business activities, while RPL monitors ecological components affected by the business.

The Benefits of RKL/RPL Permits

Mitigating impact

RKL-RPL addresses the harmful effects of activities, aiming to reduce them.

Boosting positivity

Enhances positive outcomes, benefiting the business and the community.

Community well-being

RKL-RPL safeguards local welfare through positive impacts.

Holistic insight

RPL offers a broad view, understanding impacts from project to regional levels.

Flexible assessment

RPL adapts impact evaluation to different scales, from local to broader contexts.

The RKL-RPL document: The Process

For comprehensive business consultation, InCorp Indonesia helps create your RKL-RPL Document. Here are the steps for preparing Indonesia’s environmental permit documents.

No. Procedures
1 Arrange and draft the RPL-RKL document.
2 Arrange a meeting for Amdal document with related Industrial Park.
3 Assist the clients in applying for the environmental license to the related environmental services.

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