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In accordance with the Indonesian Civil Code, an agreement constitutes a formal understanding between a minimum of two parties, establishing a legally binding framework that outlines specific arrangements. Besides establishing a connection between involved parties, a legal agreement also serves as evidence in case of a dispute.

At InCorp Indonesia, we specialize in guiding your actions to align seamlessly with the intricacies of local law, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of disputes that could otherwise impede the seamless growth of your business. Our expertise not only assures compliance but also empowers your business with the necessary legal foundations to flourish with confidence.

What is an agreement of service?

A service agreement is a formal written contract between a service provider and a client. It’s also referred to as a service contract or general services agreement. This document holds legal weight and offers protection for both parties involved.

No Element Description
1 Services provided Outlines the services, project timeframe, and compensation.
2 Rights & obligations Specifies each party’s rights, obligations, and liabilities.
3 Confidentiality terms Sets terms for information confidentiality.
4 Dispute resolution Describes procedures for resolving disputes.
5 Service Level Agreement (SLA) Defines expected service quality from the provider.

When do you need a legal agreement service?

You should create a services agreement whenever your company provides services to another entity or hires someone to provide services for your company. These agreements can cover one-time projects with specific deadlines or long-term partnerships.

Regardless of the scope, signing a services agreement before starting any consulting or service provision is essential. By preparing a mutually beneficial agreement ahead of time, you establish clear expectations and safeguards for both parties involved.

Types of legal agreement

Legal agreement service covers many specific purposes. Some of the most common types of legal agreements include:

  • Contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Employment agreements
  • Leases
  • Loan agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Prenuptial agreements (Prenups)
  • Postnuptial agreements

Additionally, organizations often use a service level agreement template (SLA) to define the quality and level of service expected from a provider.

Legal agreement service: The agreement

An agreement may have a binding legal effect if it meets several conditions:

  • All involved parties have a mutual agreement
  • All involved parties are eligible to create a binding agreement
  • Have certain matters agreed on

How to write legal service agreement

The benefit of hiring a legal service agreement

There are several benefits to having a legal service agreement in place, such as:

  • Clarity and protection
  • Peace of mind
  • Managed expectations
  • Fairness
  • Dispute resolution

Legal agreement service by InCorp Indonesia

Legal agreement drafting

Our legal agreement services in Indonesia span across diverse business sectors. We create personalized legal agreements that match your needs. Before drafting, we offer legal consultation and explain Indonesian regulations, ensuring your clear understanding of the agreement you’re entering.

Legal agreement reviewing

If your agreement is in place, we can help review it. Our services include legal consultation, analysis, and a memo suggesting contract enhancements and restructuring.

Standard business agreements
    InCorp Indonesia can also assist you in drafting standard business agreements within two working days with free legal consultation for wide-range purposes, such as:

  • Sales and Purchase Agreements
  • Business Purchase Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Loan Agreements

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