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Knowing with whom you are partnering and evaluating the risks before investing is extremely important in business. Opting for background checks and due diligence services in Indonesia, you can analyze your prospective partner and know more than what the stats say before entering any commercial or legal arrangement.

InCorp assists with background checks and due diligence for Indonesian companies registered under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. We provide accurate data on finances, history, and more for informed partnership decisions. Results can be tailored to your needs, usually taking 6 to 12 working days.

Background check & due diligence services by InCorp Indonesia

For investors exploring partnerships, utilizing Indonesian due diligence services is encouraged. This step occurs after both parties agree on a deal’s principle before a binding contract is signed. Due diligence in Indonesia furnishes in-depth insights into a company’s history, unveiling past and potential future risks.

A background check delves into a company’s background and credit while offering legal and financial assessments. It encompasses crucial aspects, such as:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Financial Information
  • Legal History/Related legal events
  • Business Relationships and Related Parties
  • Activity Features (including the company’s reputation, suppliers, and customers)

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