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Previously, halal certification was voluntary, but it has become mandatory for many products. The recent provisions on Halal Product Assurance have brought about significant changes in the certification requirements for consumer products in Indonesia, with food & beverage products will be the first category to undergo the mandate.

In essence, the term “halal” signifies “permissible” according to Islamic Sharia law. It indicates that products and services do not contain any prohibited materials or ingredients or engage in unlawful methods.

Halal certification serves as a declaration, proving that the products adhere to Muslims to determine whether specific products or services are permissible for consumption. Proceeding through the halal certification is vital to help your company penetrate and gain trust in the Indonesian market.

Halal Certification Procedures in Indonesia

Indonesia’s halal certification process is established under the National Body of Halal Assurance (BPJPH), ensuring a robust and credible system. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) plays a pivotal role by setting up the halal compliance standards and issuing the Halal fatwa.

BPJPH appoints officials from the Halal Inspection Institution (LPH) to conduct audits during the certification process. Experts meticulously assess the products to ensure they meet halal requirements without ambiguity or compromise.

The following details provide a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and guidelines involved.

No Procedures for Halal Certification in Indonesia
1 Application Request Companies submit an application request for Halal Certification to The National Body of Halal Assurance (BPJPH)
2 Document Verification BPJPH verifies the authenticity of the document submitted by the applicant (1 working day)
3 LPH Assignment BPJPH assigns the Halal Inspection Institution (LPH) to check product halalness (1 working day)
4 LPH Assessment LPH conducts an audit of the product and its manufacturer (15 working days or depends on the audit schedule that LPH has arranged)
5 Certification Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) will receive the audit reports for the issuance of legal opinion based on Islamic Law (Fatwa) (3 working days)
6 Issuance of Certification BPJPH will issue a Halal Certification after MUI declares the product Halal (1 working day)

Food & Beverage Product Registration Workflow

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