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Compliance ensures your business runs smoothly. To be fully compliant, you must adhere to all regulations and requirements set out by recognized governing bodies. Therefore, the company must have a complete understanding of the relevant regulations.

In Indonesia, failure to comply with applicable laws can lead to unfavorable or severe consequences, such as adverse exposures, fines, lawsuits, authority inspection, or the revocation of your business license or permits.

Legal advisory services in Indonesia

Expert legal advice makes your business compliant and avoids legal issues. InCorp Indonesia offers assistance in the following:

Developing business activities

Our legal advisory services guide your business through growth with compliance in mind. We help you expand your operations while adhering to Indonesian regulations.

Providing legal documents

Protect your business with our meticulously prepared legal documents. From contracts to agreements, we ensure your legal paperwork is solid and tailored to your needs.

Drafting corporate contracts

Ensure clarity in your business relationships with expertly drafted contracts. Our legal advisors create agreements that leave no room for misunderstandings.

Updating you on crucial regulatory changes

Stay informed about important regulatory shifts. Our legal advisory services keep you updated, empowering you to adapt swiftly to changes in the Indonesian legal landscape.

Legal consultation service by InCorp Indonesia

No Services Description
1 Merger & Acquisition We specialize in business setups, mergers, partnerships, acquisitions, and reorganization, offering practical solutions without lengthy reports.
2 Capital Markets & Securities We guide legal processes, including due diligence, underwriting, and securities documents. We advise on OJK-regulated actions like conflict of interest and significant transactions.
3 Corporate Advisory Experienced in public and commercial matters, we assist with foreign investment setups, joint ventures, and alliances in Indonesia.
4 Finance Our team has corporate finance and banking expertise, handling Indonesian borrower transactions, secured loans, structured finance, creditors’ rights, and bankruptcy matters.

Ensure legal compliance with InCorp


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