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Medical device import & registration is overseen by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The government mandates that every product is classified based on risk level (from class A to D), with higher risk necessitating more complex registration processes. Expert assistance from InCorp Indonesia can expedite the process for your business to run smoothly while expanding your brand’s presence.

Our experts will handle essential requirements, including an online application, administrative and technical documents, product summaries, device descriptions, risk analysis, and manufacturer information. Even registered products need a Distribution License to enter the Indonesian market.

Medical Device Import & Registration Services from InCorp Indonesia

InCorp Indonesia facilitates market entry for foreign investors by assisting with company registration and obtaining medical device import licenses.

InCorp Indonesia assists you in obtaining Medical Device Distributor License (IDAK).

A medical device distribution license is valid for five years. To avoid the inconvenience of re-registering your medical equipment, you can trust InCorp Indonesia to handle the license extension process to ensure you maintain compliance with regulations.

Medical Device Import & Registration

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