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You can register your brand’s trademark in Indonesia, but there are vital things to consider. The trademark process is guided by Law No. 11 of 2020, specifically Article 108 of the Job Creation Law. The Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights, under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, promotes this law for broader trademark protection and quicker registration.

While the process is smoother now, specific requirements must be met. Understand the time needed. Use a trademark registration service with InCorp Indonesia for simplicity and focus on your business.

The benefits of trademark registration in Indonesia

Court advantage

To safeguard your business, completing trademark applications may grant you a court advantage. This particular benefit is helpful, especially when there is a case of copyright infringement. With your trademark registered, your business can take down any piracy attempts, online and offline.

The law will recognize your company as the trademark owner and rule on the evidence, giving you a court advantage.

Raising your business stocks

A trademark is an intellectual property that serves as a valuable commodity for your business. Therefore, you can sell or franchise your brands to increase profitability. Registered products and services under your brand will become more valuable to leverage for branding and marketing strategies.

Solid brand positioning

This strategy will also benefit your brand positioning. With solid positioning, your brand will be more widely known to the audience, which will help your business to stand out from the competitors.

Trademark Registration Services by InCorp Indonesia

With extensive expertise in business setup and management, InCorp provides trademark registration services in Indonesia. We guide you through the entire process in line with the latest regulations. Our services include:

  • Assisting in the application process
  • Intellectual property rights consultant
  • Certified translator
  • Trademark market researcher

Register your trademark with InCorp


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