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Gain Ocean Inc Ltd

About the Company

The company is a growing property developer with comprehensive experience primarily focusing in Mainland China to develop prime sites in major cities. It started with covering the entire value chain of property development from land acquisition, project design and development to sales and marketing. Its substantial portfolio includes well-planned residential, office, and large-scale commercial developments in prominent locations. Each property project is featured with a unique theme to demonstrate the strength of its corporate branding. It established a good image among its customers and in the industry by providing a wide range of properties that cater to the needs and preferences of different groups of customers.

Industry Focus

What was the client’s long-term vision?

Client was seeking to focus on:

  • High business growth
  • Reducing in-house costs
  • Setting up multiple offshore companies in the BVI
  • Foreign investment and Business restructuring

How did InCorp turn the client’s Vision to Reality

Client’s Main Challenges With InCorp
Expanding into Hong Kong Easily set up 4 companies in Hong Kong
Meeting tight deadlines Met deadlines promptly
Document preparation and review (Annual Report, Announcements etc) Provided Corporate Secretarial Service and expanded areas of services to assist in preparation of all documents
Unfamiliar with setting up an offshore company Seamless offshore company set up in the British Virgin Islands
Meeting ongoing compliance and tax regulations Provided professional compliance,l auditing and tax services to ensure regulations are met

We achieved efficient business growth with the help of RHT (An In.Corp Company). From assisting us to expand into Hong Kong with 4 companies and to incorporating 8 offshore companies in the BVI, RHT has worked very closely with us to fulfill our business visions.


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