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Jakarta offers abundant business opportunities for those looking to initiate a new venture or expand existing ones. InCorp Indonesia can guide you through the registration process and ensure adherence to local regulations, making your investment journey in Jakarta seamless and hassle-free.

Business in Jakarta

Being a thriving economic hub, Jakarta presents a wide array of business chances spanning different sectors like infrastructure, mining, renewable energy, tourism, and beyond. We can assist you effortlessly in expanding or setting up your company in Jakarta.

The Advantages of Doing Business in Jakarta

Businesses in Jakarta can foster economic growth by generating jobs, enhancing the local economy, and lending a hand to the community.

Thriving Market

Jakarta has a population of 10 million, with excellent chances for businesses to succeed. This population represents significant business potential fueled by urbanization and migration from nearby regions.

Finance Hub

Jakarta stands as Indonesia’s primary hub for business and finance. Its excellent infrastructure and vast market opportunities have led numerous large companies, including multinational corporations, to make it their headquarters.

Developed Infrastructure

When it comes to infrastructure, Jakarta boasts an international airport, a modern seaport, and an extensive network of toll roads. There’s an increasing focus on investing in infrastructure and other projects that can lead to new business opportunities.

Opportunities in Various Sectors

Jakarta holds promising technological, tourism, real estate, and finance prospects.

Cultural Diversity

The city’s diverse culture and people make Jakarta a welcoming place for multinational companies to cater to various market demands.

Government Incentives

The Indonesian government offers incentives to draw investments, and the investment process has become more accessible with the introduction of an online application system.

Kickstart your business in Jakarta