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During an unexpected crisis, businesses often struggle with declining profitability and cash obligations, leading to insufficient cash flow and a high proportion of debt-to-equity problems.

Financial and Operational Resilience services can provide an in-depth analysis of your financial performance to mitigate potential risks from various perspectives early on.

Financial and Operational Resilience by InCorp Indonesia

With in-depth knowledge of the local business landscape, our financial experts can assist with setting up your financial KPIs, as the Financial & Operational approach is highly customizable to your business model. As soon as we receive all the necessary documents, we will study them and provide a comprehensive report on the following:

  • The most profitable areas in your business and align capacity to revenue through Revenue Modelling
  • Restructure debts and manage capital expenditure through Cash Flow Management
  • Manage credit and inventory through Working Capital

Secure your financial well-being with InCorp


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