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Foreign residents in Indonesia with temporary stay permits (KITAS) or permanent stay permits (KITAP) have the right to get a Driver’s License, commonly known as Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM) in Indonesia.

Obtaining an Indonesian driving license is crucial for expatriates planning to stay in Indonesia for an extended period. Even though public transportation is dependable, using private vehicles remains a popular mode of travel in the country.

Certain essential criteria must be met to successfully apply for this license in Indonesia. These criteria include passing practical and theoretical driving assessments and being 17 years old.

Classes of Driver’s License in Indonesia

There are four standard classes of driver’s licenses in Indonesia, as follows:

Classes Description

Private passenger cars or vehicles weighing under 3,500kg.


Vehicles weighing over 3,500kg.


Vehicles weighing over 3,500kg.



Driving License in Indonesia: The Requirements

The following documents must be prepared by expatriates who want to obtain Indonesian driving license:

  • Original passport and its copy.
  • Original, valid KITAS / KITAP and its copy.
  • A copy of a driving license from the country of origin or a copy of an international driving license (if applicable).
  • A copy of the latest entry stamp to Indonesia in your passport.
  • A doctor’s note of good health (can also be issued by the police).

Driving License in Indonesia: The Procedure

Foreigners must go through the tedious following procedure to obtain a driving permit:

Procedure Description
Police Station Visit

Visit the local police station in your city or region of residence (e.g., SATPAS Polda Metro Jaya in Jakarta or Polresta Denpasar in Bali).

SIM Creation Section

Head to “Bagian Pembuatan SIM” (SIM Creation Section).

Health Certificates or Checks

Present a health certificate; onsite eye and blood pressure checks are provided if unavailable.

Theoretical and Practical Tests

Take both theoretical and practical tests, including driving exercises like zig-zag, straight driving, backward driving, and parallel parking.

Fingerprints and Signatures

Provide fingerprints and signatures after completing tests.

Application Fee Payment

Pay the application fee at a designated bank and receive a bank slip.

Document Submission

Fill out an application form and submit it with the required documents and bank slip at a specified window.

The process can vary in times and circumstances when you’re applying. You can delegate the driving license application procedure to our experts in InCorp Indonesia to gain time efficiency.

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