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“IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15-digit combination of letters and numbers that provides information about each device. The IMEI contains details about the origin of telecommunication devices. IMEI registration for devices in Indonesia is crucial to ensure a smooth user experience. Therefore, importers and distributors must take this requirement seriously.

To ensure the proper functioning of your communication devices, it’s recommended to register the IMEI in Indonesia within 60 days of arrival. Failure to do so could result in your devices being unable to access GSM services. Additionally, this service offers tax exemptions for imported electronic devices in Indonesia.

Register IMEI in Indonesia

While the facilities are available for public use, remember that certain conditions must be met for your brought communication devices to function well in Indonesia.

IMEI Registration Limit

The IMEI registration in Indonesia only allows 2 (two) units of telecommunication devices for each passenger or airline crew.

IMEI Registration for Import Products

Regarding import products, IMEI registration in Indonesia is still applicable. However, there is no exemption for import duty and tax.

Types of IMEI Registration in Indonesia

InCorp Indonesia can help you register your communication devices’ IMEI during your short visit. We ensure the registration follows the Director General of Customs Regulation and Excise No Per-13/BC/2021.

If you’re a foreign resident planning to stay over 90 days in Indonesia, InCorp can assist in permanently registering your communication devices. This registration lets you use telecommunication services across Indonesia.

Register your device with InCorp


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