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Foreign companies will receive comprehensive import services for various products, such as medical devices, cosmetics, and F&B. InCorp Indonesia will be responsible for tackling all the lengthy measures for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, such as Halal License, SNI license, and BPOM approvals.

The Benefits of Importer of Record Service

If you’re facing any of the following business situations in Indonesia, our Importer of Record  service can directly benefit your operations. Find out the advantages to help your business operations below:

Importer of Record Benefits

Quick market access into Indonesia is a critical point in your business strategy

You have local distribution and retail partners to manage sales in Indonesia

You have a company in Indonesia. However, it is not eligible to apply for an import license

Importing goods infrequently occurs (e.g., once every six months)

You are importing multiple products from different categories

Start importing to Indonesia with InCorp


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