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Pandu Biasramadhan

Pandu Biasramadhan

Consulting Manager at InCorp Indonesia

An expert for more than 10 years, Pandu Biasramadhan, has an extensive background in providing top-quality and comprehensive business solutions for enterprises in Indonesia and managing regional partnership channels across Southeast Asia.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    Foreigners need to be at least 55 years of age and not work to earn income in Indonesia. Consultation on further requirements is necessary.

    The government will check the minimum paid-up capital, IDR 10,000,000,000. Fulfilling this requirement is a must.

    To provide you with accurate pricing information for our visa and immigration consultation services, we consider the complexities of your inquiries and the dynamic nature of regulations in Indonesia. As a result, the pricing for the services may vary accordingly. For pricing details, please talk to our experts.

    Yes and no. It is vital to choose a reliable distributor as they will register the product under their company and become the product license holder and the import license holder. Changing the local distributor is easier if you are satisfied with the cooperation.