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Start your medical tourism business in Bali

Start your medical tourism business in Bali

With the growing potential of the medical tourism business in Bali, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) is preparing to establish Bali as a world-class destination for health tourism. The project sees working closely with prestigious global institutions in the medical field, such as Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins University.

This article explores opportunities for the medical tourism business in Bali and the necessary measures to participate in growing world-class health tourism in one of the most demanded destinations for global tourism.

Start a medical tourism business in Bali

How to start a medical tourism business in Bali

Medical tourism is one of the pivotal programs to revitalize Indonesia’s tourism sector. The program shows promising potential for health tourism in Bali. Sanur will be the area that showcases Indonesia’s first exceptional health economic zone and Asia’s leading health and wellness tourism destination.

As the initial step, the government is constructing Bali International Hospital. The plan also includes forming clinical protocols, management techniques, and patient care under Mayo Clinic standards that will still adhere to domestic customs. 

Bali International Hospital is expected to minimize the outflow of Indonesians seeking healthcare services abroad. It is also in conjunction as a tool to increase tourist arrivals’ contribution to Indonesia, as it offers internationally recognized healthcare standards.

Other than Kemenparekraf, the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) is committed to extending its support and intends to partner with Indonesian doctors currently practicing overseas, encouraging them to return to Indonesia. This collaborative effort aims to strengthen and bolster the medical tourism program in Bali.

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The challenges of medical tourism in Bali

Despite the opportunities, some challenges should not be overlooked; those might include, but are not limited to:

1. Language barrier

While the medical destination may provide abundant skilled specialists and advanced healthcare facilities, the lack of language proficiency among doctors, nurses, and other medical staff can pose a challenge.

2. Laws and regulations differences

Currently, there need to be more consistent medical standards and regulations worldwide. In many developing countries, inadequate laws address misconduct in healthcare facilities.

This situation puts foreign patients at risk of encountering fraud and receiving inadequate treatment without proper recourse.

3. Keeping business coordination effective

The less effective and efficient coordination between multiple entities may challenge patients.

This effective coordination should ensure seamless collaboration among the airline, facilitating transportation, the local accommodations catering to the patient during their treatment, and the emergency clinics involved in their medical care.

How to start a medical tourism business in Bali

Starting your medical tourism in Bali entails several processes. Here are a few guides to navigating your business in the initial phase.

1. Understand the market

Assessing market potential is critical before starting a medical tourism business. Interested businesses can collaborate with professional market research agencies to explore the opportunities and threats related to the medical tourism industry in Bali.

Moreover, the research should also include understanding the local and national regulatory landscape for medical tourism operations.

2. Forming a business plan

Following market research results, businesses can start formulating a business plan consisting of several critical points, ranging from the necessary investment funds, operational plans, different types of services, and financial plans.

3. Medical care facilities collaborations

Collaborating with reputable medical facilities might offer your business the best medical care facilities and expertise to help your business grow.

4. Obtain a certified license and permit

It would be best to strengthen your credentials as a reputable medical tourism operator to establish a strong presence in the industry. Consult with the government’s tourism authority and secure the required business licenses to ensure your business complies with the regulations.

5. Integrating with local customs

Consult with local authorities or professionals to identify the appropriate company structure that aligns with the scale of your operations.

Additionally, you will need to secure a well-positioned retail location for your business. Set up partnerships with reliable vendors to support the operations of your company.

Collaborating with trusted suppliers ensures that you can consistently provide top-notch services to your medical tourists.

InCorp Indonesia can streamline the establishment of your medical tourism business. With expertise in land & property ownership and seamless company registration services, InCorp Indonesia allows you to navigate business setup and compliance complexities.

6. Promote your business

To maximize the impact of your advertising efforts, enlist the services of a reputable PR agency to promote your business both online and offline effectively.


Guide to Doing Business in Bali & Lombok

Ebook Download | Guide to Doing Business in Bali and Lombok

The medical tourism industry in Bali promises significant growth to establish a world-class destination for medical tourism. These favorable circumstances give investors immense opportunities to expand their business within this sector, aligning with the government’s visionary agenda.

This is a reasonable time for entrepreneurs and investors to explore and contribute to the flourishing opportunity. Contact our experts to learn how to capitalize on the medical tourism landscape in this beautiful island destination by clicking the button below.


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