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Nanyang Bridge Media enhances our ability to deliver heightened value to our clients. We leverage their proficiency in video production, licensing, media, and marketing, particularly within the Indonesian market.

Grow Your Brand With Nanyang Bridge Media

Nanyang Bridge Media excels in helping Chinese brands and companies thrive in Southeast Asia through innovative marketing strategies. Their solutions encompass a wide range of services, including:

Nanyang Bridge Media Services

Nanyang Bridge Media is dedicated to creating, combining, and distributing content to achieve impactful outcomes in China and ASEAN regions. Below are the services offered by Nanyang Bridge Media.

Full Range Marketing

Nanyang Bridge Media is a reliable partner that helps you with end-to-end marketing solutions to ensure your content reaches your target audience. They use tailored strategies, practical tools, and seamless execution to optimize every aspect of your marketing campaign for local relevance.


Nanyang Bridge Media annually obtains licenses for over 1,000 hours of fresh, multi-genre Chinese content. Moreover, it distributes various films, TV shows, and digital assets to broadcasters and platforms worldwide, emphasizing ASEAN.
Furthermore, Nanyang Bridge Media manages the global distribution rights for a library of over 3,000 hours of TV and digital content, including popular drama series, nonfiction entertainment, special event programs, children’s series, TV movies, and miniseries.


Nanyang Bridge Media oversees every facet of production in Indonesia, drawing on extensive experience collaborating with international teams across various production realms such as film, TV, music videos, and events. With their comprehensive skill set, they deliver end-to-end services for global productions in Indonesia, from conception to distribution.

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