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Why You Need Good Corporate Governance?

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is based on principles prioritizing transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness for all stakeholders. It also emphasizes the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen. In today’s highly competitive global arena, implementing GCG is essential and crucial to establishing a robust and sustainable corporate environment.

We are dedicated to providing consultation and assurance to establish a corporate culture that values integrity, responsibility, and promotes the best practices of good corporate governance.

The legal foundation of Good Corporate Governance

The National Committee on Governance Policy (KNKG) and Financial Services Authority (OJK) oversees the assessment of GCG in Indonesia. The assessment should take the form of:

GCG Assurance/GCG Assessment: A program to assure the implementation of GCG through periodic measurement of GCG implementation.

Design Implementation: A program to design the implementation of GCG includes establishing a board manual and organizational structure.

The importance of implementing Good Corporate Governance

Incorporating good corporate governance practices into your business operations can greatly benefit your organization’s growth and development. Some important things to remember can positively impact your company’s growth.

  • Improving transparency, accountability, responsibility, Independence, and fairness can enhance a company’s value and competitiveness.
  • Promoting efficient and transparent company management to ensure smooth operations.
  • Encourage decision-makers to act with high moral and legal standards and consider all stakeholders.
  • Increasing the company’s contribution to the national economy by creating jobs and generating revenue.
  • Improving the company’s reputation by maintaining high ethical standards and adhering to best practices.

Good Corporate Governance solutions from InCorp Indonesia

As a provider of corporate solutions, InCorp Indonesia is committed to consulting you in implementing good corporate governance effectively. We offer tailored services to help you attain better corporate governance.

GCG Assurance/GCG Assessment

We evaluate GCG implementation by scoring compliance and identifying weaknesses. We recommend improvements and monitor consistency while refining policies.

Design Implementation

We offer consultation services to enhance the effectiveness of GCG Design Implementation by offering a tailored manual outlining roles, responsibilities, and authorities. This comprehensive manual encompasses the GCG code, code of conduct, board manual, organizational structure, authority limits, internal audit charter, and committee charters.

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