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Imported household products, like health, pet, or house care items, must undergo certification by the Indonesian Ministry of Health (MOH) before entering the local market. MOH assesses and classifies products based on risk.

Only registered items with a Distribution License can be sold in Indonesia. InCorp Indonesia can smoothly guide you through household product registration.

Household Product Registration: The Requirements

  • Letter of Authorization (LoA)
  • Certificate of Free Sales (CFS)
  • ISO 9001 Certificate

Household Product Registration by InCorp Indonesia

Starting a company

Foreign businesses are required to incorporate an Indonesian legal entity to register and certify their household product. As a trusted market-entry consulting firm in Indonesia, InCorp Indonesia provides a seamless experience for company registration.

Product license holder

Foreign businesses not wishing to start or purchase a company in Indonesia can use a product license holder service such as InCorp Indonesia to register the product on your behalf. Household product registration in Indonesia comprises several steps that will lead to the product’s market authorization permit/registration number.

Extension of food supplement registration

Every registered household product in Indonesia is entitled to a unique registration number with a limited validity period. To extend the validity, contact InCorp Indonesia in advance to avoid starting the registration process from the beginning.

Household Product Registration: The Process

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