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Effective stock management is essential for businesses dealing with products, regardless of the complexity of their inventory systems. Stock taking, also known as stock counting, includes the manual assessment and exact recording of your inventory.

This pivotal practice is crucial in maintaining inventory control and ripples across your purchasing, production, and sales operations. At InCorp Indonesia, we specialize in ensuring accuracy in your inventory records, enabling you to streamline your business operations confidently.

The Importance of Stock Taking

  • Compare stocktake figures to your system’s data to spot and rectify discrepancies.
  • Stocktake reveals damaged products, missing orders, or poor control.
  • Use precise data to improve procedures, increase efficiency, and boost margins.

Stock Taking Service by InCorp Indonesia

Stock Reconciliation

We compare the actual physical inventory count with your company’s inventory records. This method is designed to identify inconsistencies and take corrective measures accordingly.

    We deliver comprehensive reports to the company management highlighting their discoveries, discrepancies, and suggestions for enhancing inventory management practices. The stocktaking report includes the following:

  • Total inventory count in the warehouse
  • Condition of items in storage
  • State of the storage area/warehouse
Supporting Financial Audit

We assist you in financial audits by objectively evaluating a company’s inventory.

Improve your stock-taking with InCorp


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